Who We Are

Our mission is to create interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Archangel is a leading supplier of quality technology to schools nationwide. We breathe life and soul into technology by ensuring that the process to obtain technology is effortless for students and teachers.

Our founders, Josh and Massimo, learned that values in business make a huge impact. Embedded in our company’s DNA, are the pillars of strong partnerships and personal relationships. With this concept in mind, they were able to bring Archangel to life.

Mission & Values

Our philosophy in business is to continuously supply a superior standard of services and products to our partners with the goal of creating long-lasting relationships built on trust. With reliable practices, we aim to improve the quality of education everywhere.


With well-grounded practices, we remain true to our mission. Regardless of circumstance, we strive to provide the highest level of honesty, loyalty, and services to our customers. Education is constantly evolving and our team is passionate about delivering unique and innovative solutions to all of our partners!


To inspire students across the country with innovative technology. Our dedicated team is devoted every day to ensuring that you and your students receive the latest hi-tech devices and fast customer support.


We firmly believe that strong values are at the core of any good business. We are performance-driven, strive for consistent excellence within the company, and pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standard of products and services. Our company is authentic and dependable. 

One Team. One Family. Growing Together.


The company started in 2018 in Arlington, VA. with a small order of 30 Chromebooks and has now expanded to providing hundreds of thousands of Chromebooks and tablets to public and private schools.

+ $158,000

Archangel believes in investing in the people of the future, and we are taking active measures to ensure these goals. Our company has donated thousands of Chromebooks, tablets, and Samsung Interactive Panels to schools across the country. It is our way to leave an everlasting impact on the future of education.

Devices Sold

Archangel is the preferred supplier of classroom technology for K-12 schools , & higher education in the United States.

Philanthropy runs through our veins

Here at Archangel, we pride ourselves in giving back! We are passionate about philanthropy and supporting students as they excel to their highest potential. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of making a positive impact!

Our community initiatives
Philanthropy runs through our veins

Trusted partnerships that empower schools nationwide.

Archangel’s nationwide efficient team is with you every step of the way, with capabilities that allow school officials to prioritize the well-being and success of its students.

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