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The future is here. 

That’s why Archangel is HERE FOR YOU. 

Quality Education is our priority, and an enjoyable, hassle-free experience is at the core of it, which is why in 2017, we asked ourselves how we can help improve the education experience without compromising accessibility.

The only path forward was to ensure that every student, teacher, and faculty member have the same opportunity to utilize the gifts of modern technology to their fullest –  

and thus, Archangel was born. 

At Archangel, we believe that although technology may not be the answer, it certainly is a solution. 

We know the subject of Technology is tricky. Especially in the realm of childhood education, it can be a challenge knowing exactly how to implement technology in a safe and effective way.

This is why we believe that every student and teacher should have a partner they can rely on throughout their journey with technology.

In addition to ensuring safe and effective use of technology, our goal at Archangel is to make sure that your experience with technology is a pleasant one from start to finish. From helping select which devices best suit your needs, to upgrades, servicing, and even software training, our dedicated team is ready to help every step of the way.

Become a member of the Archangel family today, and let us join in helping your students achieve their full potential

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Purchase and Leasing Options Are Available!

Whether you have a grant to purchase devices or are working within budget constraints, Archangel Tablets offers discount pricing and flexible lease options to replace aging devices or finally achieve one-to-one status.

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Outright purchasing of devices is best for schools with means , grants, or programs where students buy their own devices.

$1 Buyout Lease

$1 Buyout Lease

Purchase the devices for $1 each at the end of the lease term. Best for schools that plan to keep the devices for a longer period of time.

Fair Market Value Lease

Fair Market Value Lease

Useful to manage the cost of the equipment and future upgrades so the devices are never obsolete.

Join the Archangel Team!

Join the
Archangel Team!

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