K-12 & College

We Are Your Partners In Education

Our selection of devices, from Chromebooks to interactive panels, protective cases and accessories, are optimized for maximum performance – to help students blossom.

Softwares like GoGuardian and Google for Classroom ensure that every device in the network is utilized for utmost productivity.

Higher Education

We'll Set You Up For Success

Thinking of offering a new welcoming gift at orientation or upgrading your library? 

Whether you’re an Accounting Freshman, a Graphic Design Junior, or an Architecture professor – there is no doubt a technology device will enhance your experience.

From laptops to 3-D printers, our team will curate a customized fleet of devices crafted around your specific needs – so students can go from capable to accomplished.

Ask about our program-specific curation to learn more about how Archangel can create a state-of-the-art technology environment for you.

Leasing vs. Buying

The Best Way To Get The Most Out Of A Tight Budget

We believe that everyone should have the ability to harness the powers of modern technology to be used for good, and as part of our mission statement, we prioritize accessibility above all else.

Our experts understand the financial landscape of technology purchasing. Through leveraging government grants and philanthropy funds, we are determined to provide the devices and softwares that you need at a price that makes sense.

Ask about our options for purchasing and leasing to find a plan that works for you.

It's Simple

It's Simple

Hassle-free leasing and buying options

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Experts to consult on best plan for you



Save money with leasing or get the latest devices

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Purchase and Leasing Options Are Available!

Whether you have a grant to purchase devices or are working within budget constraints, Archangel Tablets offers discount pricing and flexible lease options to replace aging devices or finally achieve one-to-one status.

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Outright purchasing of devices is best for schools with means , grants, or programs where students buy their own devices.

$1 Buyout Lease

$1 Buyout Lease

Purchase the devices for $1 each at the end of the lease term. Best for schools that plan to keep the devices for a longer period of time.

Fair Market Value Lease

Fair Market Value Lease

Useful to manage the cost of the equipment and future upgrades so the devices are never obsolete.

Join the Archangel Team!

Join the
Archangel Team!

Looking for a career in tech and education?

Our dynamic team is always growing and looking for passionate movers and shakers to be the changes they wish to see in the world. Explore exciting opportunities with us!

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