Interactive Google Slides

Stephanie introduces the “Full Screen Interactive Google Slides” extension for a hands-on learning experience.

Interactive Google Slides

Enhance Interactivity with Full Screen Google Slides!

In our recent Teacher Tip Tuesday, Stephanie from Archangel Education and Technology showcases an innovative extension for Google Slides.

Getting the Extension

This extension, “Full Screen Interactive Google Slides”, can be found easily on the Chrome Store. Once installed, it allows a Google Slide to be both viewable in full screen mode and editable simultaneously.

Usage and Benefits

The beauty of this extension lies in its application. For instance, Stephanie demonstrates an editable calendar wherein students can drag and drop dates and icons to organize the month’s events. This tool is not limited to just calendars; it can be used for sorting activities, arranging sequences, and matching tasks. Such activities enable students to engage with the material on a more personal level, enhancing their comprehension and retention.

Whether it’s arranging dates, sorting items, or matching pairs, this extension offers a myriad of possibilities. We’d love to hear how you utilize this tool in your classrooms.

Watch the video here

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