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Your all-new classroom

Archangel’s White Glove service is designed to assist you in rolling out your new classroom devices throughout your school. We provide full setup and management of your organization’s devices so that they are ready to be deployed upon arrival.

Service includes:

  • Quality management inspections: Devices are unboxed and thoroughly inspected for physical damages, blemishes, and system issues.
  • Devices are updated to the latest version of Chrome OS.
  • Enrollment of devices into the Google Management programs.
  • Assignment of asset tags to each classroom device.
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Discover K-12 Solutions with Google for Education

Google for Education tools collaborate to enhance education, empowering every student and educator to reach their full potential.

  • Support learning with Google’s secure and flexible classroom tools.
  • Ensure that your school is equipped with versatile, intuitive, and secure devices designed for next-generation teaching and learning.
  • Easily connect with students and manage your classroom

Effortlessly deploy educational tools throughout your organization.

Manage all of your school’s devices from one place. Control access, and quickly make changes across your network using the centralized admin console.

With Google Education, spend less time on complicated administrative tasks and more time improving education for students. 

Transform student learning with Microsoft 365 Education

Microsoft 365 Education provides solutions centered on students that create an equal learning environment for all and support their success in and beyond the classroom.

Accelerate Learning

Create opportunities for students to practice reading, writing, and math with immediate feedback.

Access Familiar tools

Provide students with access to common collaborative Microsoft tools such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Teams.

Inclusive Solutions

Create an inclusive educational environment where all students can learn and fully participate utilizing Microsoft 365 tools.

Secured connectivity

Manage, monitor, and secure your devices from one central location with Microsoft 365 Education.