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Together with our professional development team, you can discuss your goals for advancement in your classrooms. Choose the best professional development plan, including topics, lesson hours, and learning format for your education leaders.

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Access our library of professional learning courses. Each course is designed with strategies and resources needed to develop specific skill sets.


Our workshops are curated on-site initiatives and programs aligned to the school or organization’s needs. This includes small or large group sessions based on specific focus areas and ranges from full-day to week-long time frames.

Virtual Courses

Virtual coaching sessions are designed to support and facilitate educator growth through personalized coaching methods.

All Archangel Courses

Project-Based Classrooms with 21st-Century Learners
Learn to build project-based classrooms that encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. This session covers hands-on experiences and student-led inquiries for academic, social, and emotional growth.3 hours
Play-Based Learning Strategies (Presented with Dr. Susan Netko)Explore play-based learning for diverse student needs. Use center, small, and large group activities to promote learning in all domains. Integrate easily into your classroom.
2 hours (specifically for Pre-K)
Update, Innovate, and Engage! (Presented with Mrs. Kayla Dellinger)Revamp your traditional classroom activities with innovative ideas and incorporate tech to enhance cross-curricular experiences. Energize your favorite lessons with new resources.
2 hours
Faith in Action: Integrate the 7 Principles of Catholic Social TeachingLearn how to integrate Catholic Social Teaching into your daily curriculum with practical and age-appropriate activities to promote critical thinking and social justice
2 hours
First Year Teachers: Set-up Your Classroom!
Get tips for a successful start of the year, including effective planning, time-management, work-life balance, and evidence-based learning.
3 hours
Creation of Interactive Lessons for Student Engagement (4 C’s)Discover how to boost student engagement and foster critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication in class with Google Workspace’s advanced tools.
2 hours
Reflection Framework using SAMR
Learn how to use technology in the classroom effectively with SAMR. Identify if it enhances a task through substitution, augmentation, modification, or redefinition.
3 hours
Student Achievement Through Gamification and Game-Based Learning
Turn your classroom into a game where students are the main players. Learn to shift from teacher-centered to student-centered learning, design games for your subject and grade level, and level up your teaching game!
2 hours
Put the “R” in STREAM: Practical Ways to Integrate STEAM Strategies in Your Religion Classroom
Learn to blend STREAM strategies with religious content for a holistic approach to student growth. Craft dynamic, cross-curricular religion units with fellow educators and leave with valuable templates and hands-on experience.nits.
3 hours
Choose Your Own Professional Development
Work directly with the Director of Professional Development at Archangel to design custom professional development for your school.
Ask the Educator
An open forum discussion to answer all of the burning questions related to education.
1 hour
Chromebooks 101
Get tips for using Chromebooks in schools, like managing devices, caring for them, rolling them out to students, and monitoring software. Be confident in putting these practices into action.
2 hours
Google Basics
We’ll cover Google tools and innovative ways to use tech in class, promoting collaboration and differentiation.
2 hours
Google Intermediate
Learn to use Google tools for creative and collaborative classroom assignments.
4 hours
Creating Digital Assignments
Discover how to create engaging digital assignments using apps and add-ons, and cater to the needs of distance learning students.2 hours

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