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Federal Funding for Schools

Archangel’s school partnership advisors assist schools in understanding and navigating funding resource channels to optimize their services and allocation. We’ll customize a solution tailored to your district and school goals, timeline, and budget while assisting district leaders in remaining compliant with federal government requirements.

Title I

Title I is one of the federal funding funnels that supplements how much money each state or district reserves for schools.Title I was developed to close the academic achievement division. The district used this supporting funding for strategies to improve the success of those students, which included professional development training for teachers. Title I services now include mentoring and STEAM.

Title II

Title II funding is used to help prepare or train teachers, principals, or school administrators. Title II, Part A funds are used to provide professional development assistance for teachers, principals, and additional school leaders to address the individual needs of their students. These funds benefit both public and private school participants.

Title II|

Title III funds are used to administer supplemental services that improve the English language knowledge and academic performance of students, as well as professional development to increase the awareness and skills of teachers who teach English learning students. Professional development and instructional materials can also be used for, educational technology and community and family literacy services.

Title IV

Title IV funding can be dispersed toward projects geared toward developing all-around education, to improve academic success and the practical use of technology. Digital learning is the main component of Title IV, providing training for teachers and school leaders on the effectiveness of technology in the classroom. The uses of technology can be used to strengthen learning experiences.


Eligible non-public schools can use Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools, or EANS funds to cater towards pandemic learning loss and invest in programs to open and operate safely for continued learning.

Other resources

For more information on Title and EANS funding, please reach out to our Archangel team for a free consultation.