New tips and tricks for Google Docs

Stephanie from Archangel Education unveils useful Google Docs features, from the Explore button to voice typing. Discover the potential of Google Docs.

New tips and tricks for Google Docs

Mastering Google Docs: Tips and Tricks

With Google Docs being a central tool for both educators and students, it’s essential to leverage its features to the fullest. Stephanie brings us some handy tips in this week’s tech tip.

Explore Button

Previously known as the research button, the ‘Explore’ tool in Google Docs offers a quick way to search the web, images, or dive into your Google Drive without leaving the document. An invaluable tool, especially for students who need to collate research material.

Page Setup Customizations

Ever felt restricted by the default page settings? Google Docs offers vast customizations, be it the paper orientation, size, or even the page color. The page setup section is a treasure trove for personalizing your document.

Math Tools

A boon for math educators! The ‘Equation’ tool under ‘Insert’ presents a plethora of math symbols. From basic arithmetic symbols to Greek letters, it caters to comprehensive mathematical documentation.

Special Characters

Beyond the usual keyboard characters, Google Docs also hosts a vast array of special symbols and accents. These are particularly useful for creating interactive activities or for languages and fields that require unique characters.

Voice Typing

A feature often overlooked, voice typing transforms your spoken words into text. While it’s essential to speak out punctuations, it’s an excellent tool for students who might find it easier to vocalize their thoughts before shaping them into written words.

To get a visual walkthrough of these features and more, do check out Stephanie’s video.

Watch the video here

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