Premade Templates for Google Slides

Looking for quick classroom resources? Stephanie introduces pre-made Google Slides templates tailored for educators.

Premade Templates for Google Slides

Utilizing Google Slides Templates for Education

Another Tech Tip Tuesday is here, and Stephanie from Archangel Education and Technology is back with yet another nifty tip for educators. This week, it’s all about Google Slides and their hidden gems: the templates.

To dive into this treasure trove, simply head over to You’ll find the ‘Template Gallery’ option at the top, and that’s where the magic begins. As you scroll down, the ‘Education’ section unveils a range of ready-to-use templates designed to aid the teaching process.

Flashcards and Beyond

One standout is the flashcards template. Ideal for vocabulary lessons or matching games, these pre-made cards encourage the integration of custom images, making lessons interactive and visually engaging. The pre-set design even incorporates a neat trick of showing a black-and-white image as the question and revealing its colorful counterpart as the answer.

But that’s not all. Whether it’s the book report template to facilitate students’ summaries, the field trip structure to plan exciting outdoor lessons, or even certificates and lesson plans, Google Slides has got educators covered.

It’s astonishing how many underused tools Google offers to simplify the teaching process. So, next time you’re prepping for a lesson, remember these templates are just a few clicks away.

Have a productive week, and don’t forget to explore these templates to your advantage.

Watch the video tutorial here.

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