Utilizing Digital Trackers in the classroom

Stephanie provides insights on Google Classroom settings, emphasizing email notifications and stream control.

Utilizing Digital Trackers in the classroom

Google Classroom Settings Explained

In the realm of digital education, tools like Google Classroom play a significant role. Understanding their intricate settings can greatly enhance user experience.

Managing Notifications

One of the highlights Stephanie touches upon is the inundation of email notifications teachers often face. Navigating to the ‘settings’ from the Google Classroom home page can allow educators to choose the type of emails they receive or turn off notifications altogether.

Distinguishing Classroom Settings

Stephanie explains that while there’s a global setting applicable to all classes, each classroom also has its own unique settings once you delve inside. This granularity ensures precise control over each class environment.

Stream Controls

The classroom stream can sometimes be chaotic with various posts and comments. Google Classroom offers settings to control who can post or comment, declutter the stream, and prioritize essential notifications.

Stephanie’s walkthrough is concise and direct, providing practical tips for educators. For a detailed tutorial, be sure to watch the full video.

Watch the video here

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